Sunday, June 29, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day dad!!!!! We had a good Father's Day at our house. The shirt my dad is actually wearing is what I gave him - at his own request. My dad's birthday is also right close to Father's Day, it is on the 14th, so he kind of gets double duty presents this time of year. For Father's Day dinner, Tony and I's stomachs didn't feel like fitting in 2 full meals like usual, so we came up with a plan....lets me in the middle of our yards and have one big cookout together! So that is what we did. It worked out great. We set up tables and everyone met outside together and we just had one big sha-bang. It was great. I think we need to do that every Sunday, just for our stomach and weights sake. And for the record, I ordered my dad some Rudy's BBQ Sauce from Texas for his birthday present, just because I know you are all wondering. Hope all your Father's Days were wonderful.


The Brown Family said...

Hey Bergen how r u? It's Bobbi. I found your blog through a friend. Looks like you are doing good. We need to get together and do lunch. I added you as a link. You can find my blog @

Chambers Family said...

I'm glad you're back! Isn't it great to have your "dads" next door to each other?? I can't complain though because mine are only 6 miles away. Hope you guys are doing well.