Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blaze Game!!!!

Well....last night we had an adventure. It was fun though. Tony got us tickets online to a Utah Blaze playoff game. They played the Crush - whom I think are from Washington or something. Anyway, we drove up to Salt Lake and went to a Blaze game. For those of you who don't know who the Blaze are, they are Utah's Arena football team. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Our seats weren't very good (up in the 3rd row of the nose bleeds), but they were the cheapest so we got them. We were looking around the arena and noticed that there were tons of empty seats in the lower bowl. So at half time we snuck down and found some seats that were closer.

At half time we were walking around and I saw a sign that said they were doing tattoos!! Oh yea!! There were a bunch of little kids in line, and ya, you know me, I made Tony and I stand in line and get one. It was kind of fun. Tony wasn't very amused at first, but I made him do it anyway. They were airbrushed on and they have already come off, so they weren't too permanent. I went for the great big one that said Utah Blaze and of course Tony had to do the smallest one they had so it would be inconspicuous and no one would see it. They turned out kinda cool. Good thing we got a picture of them because they are gone now!

So close to the end of the game when we had moved down to the lower bowl, I wanted to get a picture of Tony & I together with the game in the background. So we stood on the stairs and I asked a nice little old man (whom I assumed had used a camera before sometime in his life) who was the usher for that section if he would take our picture. We showed him which button to push and everything. Well, this is what we got folks. Maybe he was blind, not sure what a camera was, or just a little senile, but this is what we got! Nice. So we moved over to another section and had another lady who looked a little younger and more capable take a picture do it for us. It turned out better (obviously).

The Blaze ended up losing 44 to 49 - but it was still a lot of fun. After the game we went to eat at the Red Iguana. It is really good Mexican food if any of you want to try a new restaurant out next time you are in Salt Lake.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day dad!!!!! We had a good Father's Day at our house. The shirt my dad is actually wearing is what I gave him - at his own request. My dad's birthday is also right close to Father's Day, it is on the 14th, so he kind of gets double duty presents this time of year. For Father's Day dinner, Tony and I's stomachs didn't feel like fitting in 2 full meals like usual, so we came up with a plan....lets me in the middle of our yards and have one big cookout together! So that is what we did. It worked out great. We set up tables and everyone met outside together and we just had one big sha-bang. It was great. I think we need to do that every Sunday, just for our stomach and weights sake. And for the record, I ordered my dad some Rudy's BBQ Sauce from Texas for his birthday present, just because I know you are all wondering. Hope all your Father's Days were wonderful.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Britni's Wedding!!

Brit got married last month!!!! Yea!!!! It was all so fun and Brit looked absolutely gorgeous. I took the day off work to come up to Logan and make a day of it. She got married around noon in the Logan Temple. Brit told me earlier that she wanted to invite me to the ceremony but that since she had such a big family they couldn't invite any friends to it, which was totally fine with me. So around 11:00 that morning I got the idea that I would go up to the temple and watch her and Brennen come out of the temple and take pictures and stuff. So I went up to the temple and sat in the parking lot for a while and then I started thinking that I would feel dumb being the only friend there taking pictures especially when her family had no idea who I was. So I sat there for half and hour debating whether to go take pictures or not. Finally I just decided not to and drove away. I am lame. Next, I remembered that I didn't bring the invitation with me and I didn't know where the luncheon was or what time it was at. Crap. So I went to my mom's office and she started calling around trying to find out where it was at. After getting some misleading information and talking to a few people who had no clue what they were talking about, we finally found out that it was at The Coppermill - the most popular place in Logan to have wedding luncheons. I don't know why we didn't try there first. Anyway, they said it was at 3:00 so I just chilled at my mom's office and then went down to the luncheon about 2:45. And of course, when I arrived I was late!!!!! First off, I am known for not being a punctual person, but I was determined to be on time to this luncheon. Well when I got there people were already seating and dishing up their food! It had actually started at 2:30! I felt retarded. Oh well. Luckily Kristin Barson (I don't know her married name) had saved me a seat at her table so I had a place to sit. So we ate and had dessert and then they had a wedding video. It was a really cute video and was well done. Later that night we went to the reception, which was in Britni's backyard. It was SO pretty and looked really nice. The picture doesn't really do it justice because of the shadow, but her colors were lime green and black and it just looked so cute. So the reception ended up being really nice and they served all different kinds of cake for the refreshments. Overall it was a nice day and Britni and Brennen look really cute together. Good luck with everything you two and I hope you have a happy life together!!


My good friend Kerri Lindsey came down from Washington in June for a visit. It was fun to see her. We always laugh and have a good time. I somehow got her to take a picture with me, she HATES having her picture taken. And now I am putting it on my blog which will make her even more happy. Her parents live in Cedar Hills which is not very far from where I live in Springville. So it is fun to be able to see her when she comes down now. She has a lot of health problems like I do, so we get along really well and help each other get through things. And just so all you boys know...she is available!!! She is so cute.....Now she will really kill me. I love you Kerri and I know you love me!!!

Tony In New Jersey

Tony had to go to New Jersey for a business trip (He is a big boy now!!) back in May. He got to see lots of fun things while he was there and eat at fun places. He went to to ocean and what-not. The funny part is that he booked his own hotel. Well he thought the place he booked was pretty nice but when he got there this is what he found! It was disgusting he said and really run down. The rooms were so small and it was basically pretty ghetto. So after 2 days of living in that madness he checked out and went across the street to a brand new hotel (I can't remember what it was called) and checked in there and enjoyed the rest of his trip basically in luxury compared to the other hotel. Go Tony!!