Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Old Dream Comes True...

Well, I finally did it. After all these years of admiring Carrie Underwood, I was able to see her live. Thanks to my dear husband who bought me the tickets a long time ago, a friend (Joslyn) and I headed up to the E Center in Salt Lake and enjoyed the show. She put on a really entertaining show and of course she was absolutely gorgeous!!! I have been a fan of her's since the day she tried out for American Idle way back when. At first I really liked her because she had a gorgeous voice and the one major thing that I noticed about her throughout the show was that she dressed modestly!!! Amazing in this day and age. So I was rooting for her the whole season, and the night she won I remember being so excited that I wanted to cry!

Anyway, she moved on in life to become quite famous, and then the modesty flew out the door pretty quick. But I still like her music and I keep tabs on her here and there. So all in all, it was a fun time. Peace out.